YumeKutteIkt(YuKI) (yumekutteikt) wrote,


...well, no, the real update on my side is that, just when I was doodling the above Harry with my same old Wacom Favo drawing tablet which I've used for my digital artwork last 6 years,  started acting funny and never came back alright even after re-installing the driver.  So I finally decided to buy a new drawing tablet and hopefully it will provide better response and improve my lame art skill!8-D  On the other hand,  in case the new tablet won't be delivered to me within next few days I'll have to start drawing my submission for hd_bigbang with mouse!(hmm, sounds fun, though.)

Anyway, my very belated thank-you for all those v-gifts of kisses&chocolate-heads! I think I've gifted back all those who gifted me, but if you haven't gifted back from me, don't hesitate to come&nudge me so I'll send you quick next time!.

Also, thank you all for those lovely comments on my hd_relief art!  I'll recap the art in my journal later, while I keep working on hd_bigbang art and also start tackling  shortly on hd_canon_fest and hd_fanart fest ones. And don't worry-- I'll go to DH2 movie within this week and catch you up!:-)
Tags: fanart- g, harry potter
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