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28 July 2008 @ 10:10 pm
Post-Report on Nagoya  
Just adding some follow-up notes about Nagoya tour on last weekend. 

From my observation of  Sekitori  arriving on site, I learned:
  • Kotoshogiku owns seemingly the fanciest automobile among others: black GM Hammer H3.
  • Homasho uses MK taxi which carries funny-looking, heart-shaped motif on roof.
  • The license plate of Hakuho's van is "MI -89(み-89)",  which most likely comes from Miyagino-beya's Ha(8)ku(9)ho.

And congrats on Hakuho, who completed his winning the tournament with immacuiate 15-straight wins yesterday.  Best wishes for the returning east yokozuna-- and also sending my best to vengeful(so I hope) west yokozuna Asashoryu.

Speaking of Nagoya, I checked the resulf for the TICKET PIA's drawing of advanced ticket of "Musical Prince of Tennis" in Nagoya and-- goddam, my entry was rejected!  Ooh, I somehow kept winning on these drawing for about a year and this is frustrating, really!
Fortunately one of my friends won this time and secured the tickets for Oct.4.  Yessss!!   

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