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08 October 2008 @ 11:13 am
Ficlet: "Boggart In The Cosplay"(Lupin/Snape?)  
Title: Boggart In The Cosplay
Pairing: Implied Lupin/Snape, implied Harry/Draco
Word Count: 476
Rating: PG
Warning: Insanely Perv!Lupin
Challenge: awdt's promt: "but it didn't have anything to do with sexy".
Disclaimer: JKR owns them, so the following is merely my fantasy as always
A/N: Scenes from Chapter Seven of PoA
Additional A/N: I know it's probably past due date and in fact I was almost to leave this drabble unfinished, but while waiting for the prompt of this week-- I could finish so I'm posting this anyway.


"R-- r-- riddikulus!"

With Neville's shrill voice and a crack!, Professor Boggart Snape changed the appearance, who was now clad in an old-fashioned long dress accented with a vulture-topped hat and a red handbag.

Wild cheers and laughters filled the classroom.

"Amazing!" Lavender exclaimed.

"Terrific!" Seamus applauded.

"But it didn't have anything to do with sexy," Professor Lupin muttered thoughtfully.

As the students gave him a puzzled look, Lupin flicked his wand and confined the boggart into the wardrobe.

"Well, let's see...Neville," Lupin cleared his throat. "I'm sorry to ask you this, but you still visit St Mungo's regularly, right?"

"Uh...yes," Neville murmured reluctantly.

"I see," said Lupin. "Now, can you picture the nurse uniform there?

"Sure I can, Professor."

"Good," Lupin nodded encouragingly. "Let's try it this time. Ready?"

Professor Lupin raised his wand, unlocking the doorknob of the wardrobe. The wardrobe burst open and Snape marched out--

"Riddikulus!" cried Neville.

Crack!, and there stood Snape, wearing pristine-white nurse uniform of knee-length pinafore dress, stocking, sandals and nurse's cap.

"Yes!" Lupin shouted in jubilance, "I knew Severus looks pretty in white!", then quickly read the confused look of the hook-nosed nurse and drew his wand, tucking the boggart back into the wardrobe swiftly.

"Fantastic job!" Professor Lupin beamed at Neville, utterly exhilarated. "Now, now. Do you have any favorite professional Quidditch team?"

"Ah...not in particular," mumbled Neville, startled at the abrupt change of subject.

"It's a pity", Lupin shrugged. "But let's pick the Chudley Cannons here...I love their bright orange color, and their cheerleading uniform is quite lovely. Don't you think?"

"I can't recall the cheerleading uniform!"

"Don't worry," said Lupin, who produced Quidditch Illustrated: Cheerleaders Edition from his robe and flipped the page. "I got an excellent picture here so you can brand the image on your mind..."

"Uh...Professor?" Parvati asked gingerly. "I think we should move onto our turn..."

"Later!" snapped Lupin, then smiled benevolently at Neville. "All right, let's do it", his wand pointed to the wobbling wardrobe, "and don't forget the pom-pons!"

Another "riddikulus!" and crack!, and the class groaned with the visual assault of Cheerleader Snape, complete with vivid orange, midriff-baring tank top, scantily-covering mini skirt and a pair of glittering pom-pons.

"Excellent!!", only Lupin roared ecstatically at the sight. "Looks fabulous! I wonder why Severus keeps refusing to wear this juicy costume for me!" Lupin then turned to Neville, who was still rolling his eyes. "Alrighty, we're getting there! Well, Neville..." Lupin's eyes were sparkling, expectantly. "Do you happen to know anything about 'French maid'?"

"I'd rather not know where this class is going," mumbled Ron. "Don't you think so, Harry?..Harry?"

Ron looked around, and found his best friend checking frantically through their classmates if there was anyone whose worst fear was Draco Malfoy.


Still another A/N: This ficlet was inspired from outrageously hilarious Lupin/Snape manga doujinshi created by OMEGA-2D, in which Lupin uses Neville to force boggart-Snape to wear the uniform of Anna Miller's waitress. I loved the manga, yet thought at the same time, "hey, I want to see more of Snape in these wacky costumes!".

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reicheruchanreicheruchan on October 8th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
your fan fictions never fail to make me laugh!!!! this is hilarious! never knew remus and harry could get carried away in class by severus and draco! hahahaha!
YumeKutteIkt(YuKI): rapidly becoming obsessed with...yumekutteikt on October 9th, 2008 11:15 am (UTC)
Oh, thank you! And I must say it's quite regrettable that my first fic featuring Remus came out this way...I hope Remus fans not to kill me(I enjoyed writing this though. *cough* ^^;)