July 23rd, 2008


Ponyo, Ponyo, Ponyo

I've been to Hamamatsu today since Wednesday is the discount-for-ladies day TOHO Cinemas movie theater; and I managed to get my seat on 11:00am's run of "Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea (崖の上のポニョ)",  Studio Ghibli's latast anime production directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

Well, to be honest, I can't say myself as thoroughly charmed or entertained-- it was, indeed, very well produced and should receive higher recognition than Ghibli's last (and most disappointing) production, "Gedo Senki; Tales from Earthsea".   However, I can't help myself getting the impression of that those mothers of Ponyo and 5-year-old Sousuke had eventually put  too much burden on their -- seemingly  -- puppy love.   I think that the film needed to describe why Ponyo came to be so attracted by Sousuke that she chose to dispose her family and become human, as well as why Sousuke was so indulgently accepting Ponyo;  as for the latter, I can paraphrase it as: how Sousuke was so lonely before meeting Ponyo.  I think the movie was just too subtle in depicting Sousuke's loneliness among his families and all those seniors to deliver the viewers this very, very important element of the whole story.
Indeed, the art was high-quality as ever, and distinctive style of the background arts which deliberately showed the strokes of colored-pencils was lovely.  If you've craved for those unique qualities of Hayao Miyazaki, you won't be disappointed by "Ponyo".

Then I stopped by the bookstore in ZAZA CITY HAMAMATSU to check how the first day of  "HARRY POTTER and THE DEATHLY HALLOWS" Japanese edition was going.   There was an exclusive display space indeed, although seemingly no big fuss around unlike the times back in early 2000s-- well, the original edition book was released a year ago and many of the readers knew the ending by now?  Anyway, it is my deepest regret to find out that this final volume of Japanese edition book ended up somehow with Ravencraw color!

あとここの書店は販促に映画版「秘密の部屋」を流してたのですが、日本語吹き替えのハリーとドラコが女性の声でびっくりした。(DVDはずっと英語音声+日本語字幕で観ていたもので…)というかむしろちょっと興奮した( *´Д`*)ハァハァ。なんか今ごろですみません。