July 27th, 2008


Back from Nagoya...survived

Came back from 2-day trip to Nagoya yesterday.  God, was it HOT!!!  The strong reflections from heated pavement sizzled my skin and almost melted my brain!  I wondered how people in Nagoya survive in this sickening heat.(ゴメン。でもマジでクソ暑かったんだ!)

One of the mission of this trip is to watch July Sumo Tournament in Nagoya.   Last summer, I went to see Nagoya-basho for the first time and enjoyed very much--  it was my first experience to watch honbasho and Asashoryu won the tournament then.   This year, while I purchased the ticket early in order to secure my seat, the actual tournament eventually turned out to be a quite disappointing one in these years as Asashoryu withdrew in early stage and Kotooshu shrunk back into his so-so status.  So I wasn't really amused to watch Nagoya-basho on TV this year and didn't expected much until I got to the site; but once I entered the gate of Aichi Pref Gym-- well, I loved the whole atmosphere around, enjoyed watching the makuuchi wrestlers coming in, and just indulged myself into the ongoing sumo live.   Yeah, simply it was fun after all.

I've put all my photos taken at the site into my Photobucket album (go folder "Day13" or "Day14" of the left panel of my album page) so please check if you're interested.(those photos are in low-quality in order to save my Nokia N73's memory space but hopefully they are still enjoyable...)

Then, there was another mission-- to buy Harry Potter doujinshi, or namingly, HarryXDraco doujinshi!   And this part of misson was fulfilled fairly easily, thanks to Mandarake and Meikido.  Now, I'm wondering whether I should be glad or not to find out that the large shares of doujinshi available are of Marauder's generation(SiriusXRemus and  JamesXSnape) and HarryXDraco is rather handful so that I was able to keep my shopping within my budget(well, I  was ready to spend more, in fact).   Anyway I'm still a newcomer of Japanese Harry Potter fandom and craving for more HarryXDraco doujinshi yet!

や、本当にハリドラって日本ではマイナーカプなんです…か…?日本の同人より先にslash fanficを読んだ自分としてはぜったい日本でもメジャーだと信じてたんですが…。それともみんな古同人誌屋に売らないで隠してるだけ?ひどいや!