July 29th, 2008


Post-Production Note, Kind Of...

Well, there aren't really much to say about  this 100-word piece of of my previous entry but just to my personal note: it was my second all-English fanfiction and the first H/D story and the first-ever drabble I wrote.    The whole concept of  "drabble" is intriguing for me because challenge for writers in form of a strict word-count is not common in Japanese fandom whereas there are challenge with specific themes, prompts or meme.
It was actually fun to manage my vague images within 100-words frame and I will definitely try to write more in future although I know I have to strive to be a good writer.  Oh, and I will indeed look for a beta-reader when I come up with  longer stories so please forgive me this time(ahem ahem).

というか、実はアップロードするのにLJ Cutが上手くできなくて無駄に時間を食ってしまったのが今回いちばん苦しかったです、ハイ。(Semagicをダウンロードしてようやく出来るようになった)

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