August 2nd, 2008


Planetarium Fun!

Went to Hamamatsu Science Museum today, where is my all-time favorite place to visit, in fact. :-)  The new planetarium program was narrated by Kenjiro Tsuda(my fave seiyuu indeed!)  which was a good surprise. 

I also picked up the CD-Rom catalog of Comic Market 74 today, which I will start browsing tomorrow.   I'm sure if I can make it to Day1 but will definetely try to make my visit on Day2; I'm ready to make a big purchase! :-)

や、浜松科学館はまじで面白いです。何よりプラネタリウムでロングラン上映中の「時空の果てに ~宇宙帆船でめぐる驚異の宇宙~」ってCG番組は必見。何が驚異って船長が。腰が抜ける面白さです。よくこんな超絶展開で脚本通ったな!と驚くことうけあい。

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