August 3rd, 2008


Kakegawa Flower & Bird Park!

One of my old friend called me yesterday, and today we went to Kakegawa Kachouen(Kakegawa Flower and Bird Park) . It's about 15 minutes drive from our hometown but somehow I've never visited there before. 

The park carries plenty of exotic flowers and plants, and birds most of which are flitting or wandering liberally inside the premises (visitors can hand-feed them indeed).   It is also known its extensive collection of owls including variety of barn owls and eagle owls-- which of course brought me an image of the Owlery in Hogwarts.

BTW, good thing about being a reader of Harry Potter books is that because it is inarguably a bestselling book series in all ages it works as a good and safe starter when leading up the conversation with long-lost friend-- although it was hard to explain her why I'm so strongly attached to Draco Malfoy since she's not a bit involved in Potter fandom.  At least she's very considerate for slash/yaoi fandom though.(she once was an avid fan of Minami Ozaki when she was a school girl, hehe.)

Today's H/D rec-- very good n' hot smut, one perfect piece through and through. 内容もえろくて素晴らしいんですが、何といっても作品タイトルが秀逸!