August 8th, 2008


Let the Games Begin...Oh, They Started Already!?

Somehow I'd thought that the Olympic Games would start on Sunday, so I missed the early sections of the opening ceremony-- blame it to my sumo-addicted brain!^^;(hint: the official 15-day sumo tournament always starts on Sundays.)

And while it was broadcasted live from Beijing, China, the opening ceremony lasted quite long and late in the night, ending approx. at 1:30 am of Japan time(I fell asleep during the parade of nations). It should be remarked negatively that NHK Japan's broadcasters were obviously less experienced in interpreting Chinese than English.

But the ceremony itself was grand and spectacular, wasn't it?

...and here's a lil' support for Team Japan, as there seems to be not many supporters around in LiveJournal, naturally.

However, I'm not that medal-tally maniac, so I just hope those athletes from Japanese delegation to do their best and enjoy; hell, the medal count of Japan in Torino 2006 Winter Games was-- believe or not, just one gold, so I'd better not expect much this time as well. (pathetic, not patriotic, uh?)