August 18th, 2008


Reading, Reading <3

While I'm still tackling the mound of doujinshi I got last weekend(yippee!), today's most striking news for me is that one of Japanese H/D fanfic authors, whom I worship enormously and still keep reading the past works once every day, has updated her site with a new series!! It's been well over half a year since her last work! I didn't even expected to see myself her new H/D story because I thought she'd gone into the other fandom already. So I'm really exhilarated with my fortune of being able to follow the ongoing series from now on!

And if you're a fanfic writer and has a long-abandoned work-in-process story, I want to tell you that readers do wait. It really does not matter how long it would take to complete the series any more than whether you would give story the ending in any way. Yes, readers are much more patient than authors think, so please do not throw away your precious story unfinished!!