August 20th, 2008

darren shan


Now it's #94, the final episode of Book 10!

I got an impression that when Arai started this manga-adaptation he wanted to depict more on surrounding characters' values and emotions, to give a new light on the original story which was told solely from Darren's viewpoint, to give spotlights on some things which Darren didn't and couldn't see. And Arai's masterful consideration showed in this episode as well, just starting from the cover art:

In this cozy picture, there are Cyrus and a nameless vampire who followed Kurda and was killed during the investitive, with Darren, Harkat and Gavner on the table, and Crepsley and Arra near the wall on the right side. In Kurda's mind, they are precious friends of him and can share the time and place without doubt...oh, this is so poignant, Arai-sensei!

And there are several tweaks here and there, but for me the most notable was that Kurda himself determined to go back to Lake of Souls with practically no argument with Harkat or Darren. And it wasn't just because of heroic self-sacrifice or such kind: when suggested his prospect of Paradise by Mr.Tiny, Kurda replied that it's tempting to see Gavner, Arra and Larten again but he's not entitled to be there and said,

"This is hell, but I have my comrades here... My comrades whom I fought together."

Then on the surface of the Lake, he saw the faces of Glalda, Cyrus, and other vampaneze warriors who died in rebellion.

...Oh.  This is totally unexpected but just looks exactly like Kurda.

And at the end,

Kurda accepted his destiny in smile, not in tears.

And that's what all matter.  Thank you for giving so much of dignity to his second death, Arai-sensei. *sniff*