August 25th, 2008


Icons, Icons

I somehow tackled with my graphic softwares-- SAI and Photoshop Element3.0, that is-- to create some new icons. I admit, it's much easier to draw with those softwares now, compared to my old days with pen and ink.  Hell, that was way over 10 years ago!(I've never been an artistic person, unfortunately). Yes, I know that I really, really have to work on hard to be a better artist...
But anyway, I was able to create new icons(yey!), and for your reference, my original picture looked like this:

If I have time in future I'll try to revise some of my current icons(for one, I want to make new Darren Shan Saga icons!!).


[REVIEW] Movie: The Sky Crawlers

My sister is quite a dedicated Mamoru Oshii fan (she watched the entire "Ghost in the Shell" anime series in fact) and naturally she invited me to see his latest movie, "The Sky Crawlers".

I had a bit of difficulty to fathom the story of his previous work: "Innocence"(which my sister admitted that reading the original manga beforehand was a requisite for this one) so I was a little afraid that I might not be able to comprehend the story this time again. It turned out though, the story got to me quite well without prior knowledge about the original novel despite the movie itself kept describing more of the casual lives of war pilots(in alternative universe, kind of) and so those crucial information about the characters' identities, natures of their lives and death are kept minimal. The emotional strands depicted in the end of the story was very gripping, or I can say I was moved, and the very last words of the movie spoken by Suito chilled my spine effectively.

Since I haven't read the original novel of this movie I really don't know what would follow the ending of this story, though in my mind, [spoiler] I can't help thinking that Yuichi(or Jinrou) will keep challenging the Teacher and getting killed, again and again, and everytime he comes back to his new life he still finds Suito and falls in love with her, so hopelessly, over and over.[/spoiler].

Anyway, it was very intriguing movie-- I liked it better than "Ponyo" in fact-- so I can't wait its international release(I don't have solid information but I'm quite sure that it will be released outside Japan-- hey, it's Oshii's film!) and talk more about it with others.

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