September 2nd, 2008

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[Review] Gankutsuou Manga Vol.3 by Mahiro Maeda

A bit late but I finally got "Gankutsuou" manga vol.3 which I'd almost thought never coming out considering Maeda's busy schedule as anime director. It eventually did, after very long hiatus and as a final volume, naturally. Okay, better than nothing, really.

The manga version of "Gankutsuou" retold the story of anime in first few episodes, then in vol.2 it shifted to more of the Count's POV, depicting the episodes which Albert would never knew. This vol.3 followed this current and described the Count's revenge on Villefort (who was the only punished in the manga); and as a substantial difference from anime arc, not only Héloïse but Valentine, who was more like a helpless victim of her father in anime, took very nasty revenge on Villefort.(pretty shocking for those who felt for Valentine in anime.)

Then Maeda went back in time to describe what happened at Château d'If and thereafter, which thoroughly explained how Edmond Dantès became the Count Monte-Cristo, merged by Gankutsuou. There, we read Gankutsuou's narratives which eventually revealed its emotion-- not of its satanic nor revengeful, but of very sorrowful and probably, lonely side, hopelessly lusting for the whole of Edmond's soul.

Apparently the story itself did not conclude in this volume (at end, the Count was just about to start his scheme over Danglars) and so many elements were left unsolved, but I think Maeda did everything to describe his emotional attachment to this unique character of the Count/Edmond which he couldn't within anime. So I'd say I enjoyed it, or 'not that much disappointing' would be my overall impression for the book.

"Gankutsuou" Vol.3 Story:Yura Ariwara, Art: Mahiro Maeda
ISDN: 978-4-06-314516-8

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