September 6th, 2008

from GoF japanese edition


Good thing about turning into September is that JR Tokai 's weekend walking events started new round after two months break. Since walking is one of my hobby (and almost only of outdoor-kind) I'm quite excited about it and delightfully putting them into my schedule to December!

So today I walked approx.13km course in central Hamamatsu. It was not particularly difficult course with only a few uphills, but it took longer time to complete than I initially expected and it was still hot under sunny sky. (I have to admit that I got some extra weight during 2-month break...)

Anyway, I got pleasantly exhausted and will probably have sore muscles tomorrow. Grr. Hope I'll be doing better next weekend.

Some pictures from today's walking:

     Gosha Shrine in central Hamamatsu.  Some families are around for omiya-mairi(first visit to shrines for their newborn baby).

     Hachimanguu Shirine in central Hamamatsu, where wedding celemony was held at that time.

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