September 17th, 2008

from GoF japanese edition

Another Mumble...

I hope I'm not the only fic writer who's now writhing as the deadlines are approaching...I'm a very slow writer even in my native language so I can't help but feel envious of those great fanfic writers who churn out their stories in regular basis!(while I rather go to escape from reality...aww.)

(Hopefully I'll finish this sketch for "I Want to Go to the Ball: A Cinderscorpius and Cinderalbus Story" by
abusing_sarcasm and [info]bageldelight when I have more time in future; those boys in this story are SOOOO cute! :-))

from GoF japanese edition

Writer's Block: Over-the-Top Metaphors

Detective stories are stereotypically full of over-the-top metaphors: "The villain's hand stroked the cat the way his sins stroked his black soul. His voice, rough as the city's nighttime streets and twice as terrifying, barked orders to his lackeys. They scattered like parents who just realized they forgot to pick up a child from school." Write a short scene using some of your own extreme metaphors and similes.

My cooking knife is as dull as Harry James Potter, who has never seriously contemplated the fact that one of his best friends advised his future wife to use up at least two unblamable boys just for the purpose of eliciting his attention.