September 23rd, 2008


A Perfect Day?

I'm sure that I wasn't only sumo fan who couldn't sleep easy last night. Yesterday Yokozuna Asashoryu lost to Ama and made his score for this Fall tournament into miserable 5-4, and commentator Kitanofuji publicly mentioned his possible retirement.

What I was most afraid was that it did seem as a perfect occasion for the great grand champion to consider his retirement-- sumo fans knew those memorable transition of generation in sumo history, such as when Oozeki Takanohana retired after losing Chiyonofuji, who then as a great Yokozuna retired at the summit of his career two days after his defeat by Takahanada(Takanohana II). And this time, losing none other than Ama, who resembles so mush as Asashoryu in younger days and inarguably most promising youngster to be the next Oozeki very soon, could be easily labeled as 'historical' bout. Their mutual emotional attachment to each other made the momentum very special as well(I remember Ama's raving about Asashoryu's technique quite often).

At this point of time, fortunately there will be no immediate retirement of Asashoryu, just withdrawal from the rest of the tournament. I know he's in seriously unstable condition both physically and mentally, but to my relief, Kitanofuji and Shikoroyama-oyakata(former Terao) agreed on that he could still recover as a great grand champion with sufficient training session and strong motive to regain his lost ground.

I won't say "ooh please don't retire now, it's just too early!" or like that; it's much better to end his career sublimely than just to cling onto the rank in dismay. However, if there is still something he himself wants to prove on dohyo, he just should keep on; I don't want him to left anything behind when he has to leave, and the day will come someday, eventually. I just wish him the best as always.
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