October 29th, 2008



I'm so excited about the news that one reader of my drabble "A Bedtime Story" made a Chinese translation of it!!

Here's the link: A Bedtime Story(一则睡前故事)

I also updated my profile page to provide my guideline regarding the adaption of my works; in short, I very much WELCOME remixes, translations or any other form of adaptation of my work!:-) Or rather, I want someone to revise my so-lame early drabbles(ahem ahem).

Now, come to think of it, when I joined LiveJournal I actually wanted to do some translation of several H/D fanfics myself, both English to Japanese and Japanese to English, especially the latter. In fact, there are considerable number of Japanese fans who read English slash fanfictions, while practically none of Japanese yaoi fanfiction novels is translated and introduced for the rest of the world although fanart/fan-manga in doujinshi are circulated outside Japan.

I love English slash fanfics, and had I not become addicted to the works of fantastic Harry/Draco slash writers worldwide, I never even come into Harry Potter fandom at all. At the same time, there are indeed Japanese H/D writers who provide excellent stories and bring me the urge to tell the world and share the fun.

Now I became busy writing my own stories, drawing some arts and sometimes reviewing manga in LJ, but I still wish to do some translation in near future(in fact, I have my own pick for my first translation attempt, both E to J and J to E!). Hmm, maybe I should put this as priority task in my to-do list for next year.:-)