November 2nd, 2008


Fanart Wrap-up

I've done a few colored sketches for H/D fics last two days, and here's a wrap-up:

-For "Eggplant Parmesan" by potteresque_ire:

This one is inspired by the fantastically hot and hilarious veggie comic by great red_rahl!(yes, I'm her fangirl, too!:-)) Now I adimit that this was the easiest one to finish among my H/D art, haha! Really, I think that the veggie!porn is a creation of genius!!

-For "Hunting Grounds" by enchanted_jae:

I think some fans may not feel comfortable for dark!fics, but I really, REALLY LOVE dark!Harry fics!! And this story perfectly fit into my taste and I just couldn't help picking up my pencil.
(I hope that all those enchanted_jae's fans are not bothered by my arts recently...^^;)
If you have any recommendation of dark!Harry fics with evil, ambitious, and possessive Harry who (now, an important point here) is never willing to share Draco with anyone, please please drop me a line!! m(_ _)m

...and there's one more sketch I'm working which hopefully I can finish tomorrow eventually I haven't started yet , ha ha! I'll work on it next week.

In the meantime, I made this little pic of hands, which I couldn't resist to put some phrase on Harry's hand in red letter(check the new icon!:-)). If you come up with some good phrase, feel free to scribble it there!(*evil grin*)