November 8th, 2008


Fanart: Cozy in Fall

The one I finished as a birthday gift for alaana_fair-san this morning:

Well, there are so many of my favorite stories authored by alaana_fair-san, including
"Of Paradise and Perfection", "Desperately Seeking Someone", and "Getting Down to Business" to name a few (and there are still yet more for me to catch up *cough cough*) and I'm more than interested in making fic illustrations of her works but this time I just didn't have much time because I had learned about her birthday only recently. Oooh.
So hopefully, in future, maybe...?

Also, I finally learned about LJ's 'Friend Only' feature and so I've friend-locked my Writer's Block entries to sort out my journal...then got tired and gave up halfway.^^; Anyway, I'll keep those babbles within friends from now on!