November 17th, 2008

from GoF japanese edition

Fanart: B/W manga... of God-Forbidden Kind^^;;

Currently I use SAI for my digital drawing, and good thing about this software is that users can share their own-customized elements such as brushes, textures and other materials in online forum. I myself use several brushes downloaded from SAI users' forum very often, and last night I surfed through Pixiv and found several templates. Especially I liked the templarate to be used for 4-koma(4-panel) manga so I made two B/W manga as a start...though I really, REALLY need to ask huge forgiveness of the original authors! ^^;;;

"BACKFIRED!"-- Based on faithwood-san's Halloween Quickie Series "Backfired". Because I love this dialogue...then my mind went some odd direction.^^;

"CREATUREANIMALS! manga"-- Based on enchanted_jae-san's veela!Draco fic:"Whispered Charms and Wicked Fingers". (Indeed, the giant squid didn't surge above the lake surface!)

Really, I have no excuse for those two great original authors and their fans-- awww.

BTW, I used to draw those B/W gag manga with my friends in my Japanese university days, and at that time I was really bad at using screen-tones(is this the name used in English as well?). Now that I can use those B/W tones in digital media freely and easily! Woa, I could never imagine this back then. I will continue to practice those B/W manga more, along with color arts...