December 2nd, 2008

season's greetings

Fanart Wrap-up, 2nd Time!

Now it's December, and this is my first Christmas at LJ so I'm surprised at so many communities' coming up for 'advent' style of prompts for the special season. Sure, it's quite fantastic for me as a reader, but as a rubbishy drabble writer of extremely-slow kind...I've got scared out of those challenges already.(as I could barely finish 2 out of 5 Halloween quickie prompts!^^;)
I think that I'll stick to writing weekly drabbles while enjoying reading, and do more art instead this month.

Anyway, I did some quick sketches for H/D fics last few days, and here is the wrap-up:

"Taking a Break"-- Based on alisanne-san's Drabble, "Taking A Break". Alisanne-san is one of my favorite authors and I've wanted to do some art for her fics, then this drabble came out with Draco plus Pygmy Puff, which equals to cutie plus cutie, or adorable squared! Aww, how I want my Pygmy Puff!!
"Twisted Mistletoe"-- Based on leo_draconis-san's Christmas fic, "Twisted Mistletoe". I really loved this whole story, and the image of that annoyingly merry mistletoe was so vivid it was really fun for me to depict it in a sketch!:-)

And here is the extra:

This one is a rough sketch which I initially did for the seasonal icon last month, and eventually discarded(I chose the other sketch which was finished as "Winter Treat"). I've salvaged it here and put colors tentatively but I'll come back and finish this one as well if I have time later...