December 6th, 2008


Fanart: The Visual Presentation of Why Faithwood-san Is So Awesome

Here's the question: when you hear the word 'Santa!Draco', what kind of image do you picture in your mind? I'm sure that you'd imagine Draco just wearing that red Santa Claus costume, which would look more or less like this Pic-A:

On the other hand, faithwood-san presented us real-- literally, REAL Santa!Draco in her "Draco Christmas" which, when I draw the image as faithful to my impression as possible, came out like this Pic-B:

Yes, it's SANTA!DRACO and there's no other word for it. And Harry LOVES him.

...You may think it as just a crack!fic with extremely kinky!Harry(if the word 'kinky' is still suffice in this case), but I think, this is the presentation of ultimate love of H/D. I mean, imagine you're Harry, and would you still be able to feel attracted, or aroused, by Draco with that round belly of Santa!?(and this is not the case of mpreg!) And faithwood-san's Harry presented in this fic gave a clear answer of "yes".

Personally, I've had this question for a long time since I read the canon: "can Harry still love Draco even when Draco got jelly tentacles all over his face or is in form of gigantic slug?" Now I'm feeling like I finally got the answer for this question.

So here, my hats off to the awesomeness of faithwood-san! My Santa!Draco in Pic-B is all yours!!(and so, Pic-A Draco is for rest of people other than faithwood-san.:-P)