December 17th, 2008


Fanart: Joint Responsibility (BW)

I've done my H/D art piece for Christmas, which will be posted at hd_fanart (if I'm lucky). I'll then post it here as well.

I hope it looks least I have to say, it could've been finished much earlier if I had more concrete idea during the coloring process which I eventually had to go over several times unnecessarily.-_-; Really, I still have to work a lot to be good at painting...

Anyway, it's finished and now I can go and read all those H/D fics by my flist!! Oh, I've missed so many stories last two weeks and it was so frustrating not to do fic sketching! =3
So friends, sorry I'm very late this time but I will definitely go read your H/D fics and leave my comments!

Now, here is the recycle of an idea which I came up for  hd100's "mistletoe" prompt but just couldn't fit in 100-word drabble-- oh, right, this kind of raw, rough and quick drawing is more like me.  Oh hell.