December 23rd, 2008


Quick THANK YOU!! Note!

Just a quick note here, as I'm leaving for Gifu within next 4 hours to have a small party with my close friends and have to get some sleep before I'm off...but...

I just want to say BIIII---G THANK YOU!! for those who gave me so hearty messages on my birthday! Especially,

*For leo_draconis-san: Wow, thank you for the cupcake and your message!:-D It's the first V-gift I've ever received, and it was delivered to me right at 12:00 am of Japan time! It was so surprising and sweet!!! *big hug*
Oh, and our boys enjoyed your cupcake indeed!

(Well, one of the boys was too distracted to make a wish, apparently.)

*For ebethfic -san: Woa, thank you for your entry in your journal! It made me fall out of my chair with surprise! Ohh, I love you so much!<333
I'll bring up some gift for you quickly when I come back!

Thank you again, and I'll modify this entry when I'm back!!!