December 25th, 2008


Writer's Block: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Cancelled flights, missed connections, long layovers—what's the worst holiday travel story you've heard? Or experienced?
My case did not actually involve any transportation, but when I spent my first Christmas eve in Cedar City, Utah, about ten+ years ago, I was practically left alone in my university dormitory and so, out of boredom I went out to get some groceries at night.  It was snowing, and since I didn't have a car at that time, I took an about 20-minutes-walk to local Albertson's only to find the store was closed-- really, I didn't know the Christmas was such an important holiday in the US and thus even "OPEN 24-hours" supermarket does close without warning since that day!
It was the coldest and silentest Christmas eve I've experienced so far.

Yet More THANK YOU!! Notes!

Now I'm back from a short trip to Gifu!  The home party was such a fun, we had homemade Christmas lunch with strawberry cake, then played cards and other games for hours with background video of tenimyu Dream Live 5th DVD!:-D

Well, if this wasn't heavenly birthday, what could be?;-)

And as I'm writing this, it's December 25 here already but many of friends in the rest of the world are yet to have the Christmas eve of the year 2008. I hope it's going to be a fantastic one for all of you!:-)

And here are yet additional thank-you notes from me:

*For ebethfic-san: Thank you again for your journal entry, as well as your continuous support!(aww, I owe you a lot!><;) I tried my first Dramione in this pic for you, which...well, I just hope it looks Dramione-ish.^^;

*For alisanne-san: Thank you for your journal entry, too!! It was so surprising and sweet! Please take this sketch, which is indeed inspired by your lovely icon of kittens!:-)

Oh, and I've just received a Christmas eCard from faithwood-san! Aww, thank you!! It's soooo adorable!!<333

And again, I thank you all and wish you a merry Christmas!!:-)