January 1st, 2009



Happy New Year, everyone!:-)

I hope all of you had a happy new year's eve and now having a new year's day. I stayed in my sister's place and played with her cat and her Picross for Nintendo DSi, and somehow the first day of the year 2009 was over, ha ha!

BTW, in Japanese tradition, tonight is the night for hatsuyume(first dream of the year) in which the good sign of fortune is 1)Mr.Fuji, 2)hawk, and 3)eggplant.

Yes. Eggplant. Which means,

We'd be best having this image in our dream tonight!!

So I'm going to re-read my printouts of potteresque_ire-san's "Eggplant Parmesan" and "A Portrait of Miracles" before going to bed tonight.<333   Wish me luck.:-)

(On a separate note, it's pity that I haven't done any fic art for potteresque_ire-san's stories/prompts other than veggie!fic so far;  I have to put red mark on my to-do list for 2009...)