January 5th, 2009


New Year Resolutions...Kind of

While I had been well prepared as I described in my previous post, my first dream on the night of January 1st was-- mostly vague, but from what I remember, I must say that it was rather influenced by... Picross for DS...and not related in any way to H/D....Grrrrr!!!!

Anyway, I've just joined in [info]hp_fringeart and here are two colored sketches of Arthur&Molly and Percy which I posted there:

It's a sort of challenge for me to draw characters other than H/D as I still haven't got visual images of many of characters in my mind. This year I'll try to go for those various character arts as well.(so I need more practice of drawing and painting!)

Also, I'll work on more art this year, meaning less writing fics. I'll try to keep doing weekly 100-word drabble(or I'd forgot how to write English fices, seriously!), but participate lesser in writing community while just sort out some fic ideas for future.

Meanwhile, hopefully I'll start tackling with my translation project which I'm eager to do since I joined LJ. I really don't know where to start at this point of time, though.^^;

Those are my new year resolutions at LJ. However, the present resolution needed is to finish reading all those copious amount of holiday H/D fics which I still haven't checked and awfully behind of commenting yet!! *dies*