January 6th, 2009


Comiket 75 Review& More GiantSlug! Art

I checked coconut_sable-san's diary(in Japanese) and found that the advanced ticket of HBP movie was already on sale! As I wrote in the past, this advanced ticket for Japanese release comes with bonus cellphone charm(coconut_sable-san got red and green ones), and I'm eager to get mine(green one, indeed!) although I'm not really sure that it is sold on theaters in Hamamatsu as well. I'm going to Hamamatsu this weekend anyway so I'll see.

And I've read through all the H/D doujinshi which I got in Comic Market 75!^-^ Since the majority of HP yaoi/slash fandom in Japan is rather into the Marauders' era(James/Snape and Sirius/Remus), it's not very hard to collect all available H/D doujinshi for a newcomer like me, ha ha! Oh bummer.
But indeed those H/D doujinshi are all fun to read!! Harry X Draco anthology book with 12 contributors was far more fantastic than I've imagined(so good to read kururu-san's offline manga! *drool*), Yuuka Kunimori-san's new issue was so hilariously good as always, and personally I'm so excited getting Himawari-koubou-san's books which I practically swept off the table! *laughs*

BTW, one of Himawari-koubou-san's past issue had 4-panel manga which includes one with giantslug!Draco from the ending of OoP! There, Harry Accio-ed slug!Draco among others and asked Hermione if she knew about the erogenous zone of slugs.^o^ Hahaha!
Indeed, Harry should love Draco even when he looks ugliest(*nod nod*) and so I couldn't help myself making another giantslug!Draco art here...even though I know there are much fewer demand than ferret!Draco or as such.^^;