January 14th, 2009


Tenimyu in Shizuoka Review!

I wrapped up my impression of Sunday's Tenimyu into a humble art-- forgive as my comments are mostly in Japanese, in order to be easier for me.

In case you can't read my horrible hand-writing:

-Yuta Furukawa as Fuji: 細(ほそ)っ!!  (prominent tendons)近くの席だったんでよく見えるんだ これが
-Teyu Gong as Kawamura: (blood stain) タカさんカワユス♥ & 大・迫・力!!
-Shiraishi: なぜか手前の客席目線の白石さん
-Gin Ishida: 師範 声がすごくイイ!! けっこー細くてびっくり!!
-Tachibana: タッチー とにかく上手い!ファンになりそうー  お茶トリビュート
-Atobe: 跡部様だけちょっと・・・ な感じかナー ごめん!!

And as I put some additional note...
- This time, I and my friends got extraordinarily good seating(5th row from the front!), thanks to the god of Ticket-Pia, and from our seat of left side to the stage we had an excellent view of Furukawa/Fuji's S3 game performance. I knew that he's so slender, but this time we could even see the prominent tendons on his limbs.(笑) Indeed, his posture was so beautiful with a quality of a ballet dancer, and he often caught my eyes throughout the whole performance.

- Teyu Gong/Kawamura was sooo cute when smiling!! And yet, he was so powerful and emotionally-gripping in his S2 game. You know, this S2 was inarguably the craziest of the crazy games appeared in the original manga, but it actually turned out to be quite heart-pounding and moving, thanks to Teyu's convincing performance. Well, indeed Akutsu didn't catch his blown body in one hand, though!^^;

- Team Shitenhoji was really fun to watch! I cited Shiraishi here, because during the finale, while other casts kept looking far end of the audience, somehow Shiraishi kept casting his eyes into audiences near stages(i.e. us!) with pleasant smile! Wow, it made my heart pounding.*--*
Gin Ishida was very so him, especially his deep voice! Yet when he came near my seat(as I was seating next to aisle^^v) during "FGKS", I found he was rather slim!
I didn't mentioned in my art, but Koharu was literally the living character out of the manga, and he caught my eyes during the others' games as well.

- Among the other guests, Tachibana was really swell in both songs and performance. I picked up his miming of drinking green tea when closing the curtain.(FYI-- green tea is a signature product of the venue, Shizuoka!^^)
On the other hand, I couldn't really get impressed by Atobe this time...maybe because I'm too used to Kazuki Kato, as unfortunately I hadn't seen other casts' Atobe in live.

Anyway, it was so fantastic as always!:-D And my friends are still yet going to Nagoya tour(24th) as well, so hopefully I can hear more from them too!^^

For me, the next biggest event is Next-Gen World Hobby Fair in Nagoya Dome on Feb.1, where the autograph session of Takahiro Arai(manga artist of "Darren Shan Saga" manga) will be held!!! Eeeeeee!!! Now I'm SOOOOOO excited about this!!!!

Additional Note:  OMG, now I found that I drew their microphone on the wrong side of their head  in my art!! ^^;;(see, I'm really bad at remembering tidbits!)  So please reverse the position of  microphones to the other side inside your brain when seeing my art.  Thanks! m(_ _)m