January 30th, 2009


Sumo: Blue Dragon Yet Rising!

Still basking in the last weekend's January sumo tournament final, as I can tell that it was one of the best tournaments I've ever watched! Indeed, it was Asashoryu who captured everyone's attention as he was reported to be at the verge of retirement whereas it turned out to be that he marked unscathed 14-0 wins until the final head-to-head match against another grand champion Hakuho. I found myself feeling the same way as I once had during his best time-- the anxiety and concern in early stage, then gradually, relief and expectation; and in last days of the tournament, it is just rapture, excitement and belief that he will win.

And Asashoryu did this time yet. Just after he missed his initial charge(tachiai) in split seconds and lost to Hakuho at their final bout, he quickly regrouped himself in dressing room during the short break before the playoff; his tachiai was perfect in the playoff match, and he powerfully shoved Hakuho off the ring, capturing his 23-time tournament victory. His determination displayed during this final day was so astonishing-- in fact I felt myself ashamed as I easily get depressed and surrender when beaten down, while Asashoryu kept his head high in the dressing room and strove his best to win the playoff after his defeat just minutes ago.

I thoroughly enjoyed the tournament and strongly believe that no one should raise objection to his effort and determination to be the grand champion of this sport. Now I just wish him to win still more in his reign. Go, Blue Dragon!:-)