March 21st, 2009

Hiro Mizushima Manip

Under Construction...

While I'm still(!) working on the 2008 wrap-up thing, I finally purchased paid account of LJ(yay!) yesterday and now I'm overhauling my site. Since I'm absolutely an beginner of CSS, customizing process will be very slow and so this site will continue to look as "under construction" for a while. My apology here.

This week on TV, "Mei-chan no Shitsuji' concluded the series on Tuesday, effectively depriving me of the weekly eye-candy. And Hiro Mizushima is now busy promoting his new movie in which his hair was dyed in dirty blond. Guh. I want my Harry back!!

BTW, speaking of live-model, I can't imagine Harry without mussy black hair and so I'm very unlikely to draw short-haired Harry, ever(as it would be a pic of Dan Radcliffe, not my Harry); but as for Draco, I couldn't picure him good from the book so I shamelessly resorted to the movie when I drew him for the first time. This is why I use two hairstyles for my Draco pics if you have noticed.(there are some minor variations but basically they are all derived from either A or B in below pic.) Then, alas, Mr. Tom Felton appeared to come out with another hairstyle in next HP movie and this one is damn hard for me because, uh, it made him look much older than 16, IMO, and I can't help seeing Draco at the age of, augh, Epilogue there. Aww, it's something I just can't draw yet.