March 27th, 2009


My 2008 Fic Master List

PHEW! I finally finished the wrap-up list of my 2008 fic and arts. Really, I'm not as prolific as other great writers/artists but I just didn't take a good record of my whole works(some I only stored in LJ's scrapbook but didn't saved on my hard disc!) so it took this long.-_-;; Anyway, here is the master list of my fics 2008.:-)

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...aww, those early fics which I barely started writing in English are a bit embarrassing to mention again here*--*, but oh well... Your comments and concrits are always welcome!:-)
season's greetings

My 2008 Art Master List

Now, here is the master list of my arts 2008! I've covered every single piece I made for LJ during last year here(so I hope...). Also, for my icon arts, please check my previous post.

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Again, I really didn't work on digital arts until I stepped into this fandom so early works look quite awkward, my apology.  Also, I'd like to tell my appreciation for those fabulous fanfic authors who generously welcomed my fic arts!  I will most likely to continue basking in your benevolence and taking my drawing pencil for your fics!^^;

Hope you enjoy, and again your comments and concrits are always welcome!:-)