April 16th, 2009

rapidly becoming obsessed with...

Sketch: Draco Hooked on Muggle Video Games

A few days ago Writer's Block gave us a question about video games, and it occurred to me a H/D fic by one of my favorite Japanese fanfic writers, in which Draco got hooked on video game(of adventure/RPG kind) after moving to Muggle London and sparing his time at Harry's flat.

So I made this lil' doodle before thinking over...well, whatever the situation, Draco getting fascinated with Muggle thing has quite an appeal to me!:-)

PS. Then I made a colored-version of this sketch so here we go!:-)  And yes, my standard is stil PlayStation2.(really, I don't have much time for video games recently so it's very unlikely for me to buy Xbox360 or Wii in near future...^^;)