May 14th, 2009


New Icons & Fic Sketch(of really awful kind!)

Oh shoot, I haven't made icons these days! Anyway, here are three new icons from my recent arts:
(I hope these will do for your request, adores_draco-san.^^;)

Also, below is a belated entry of my sketch for enchanted_jae's fic: "Fondling Cucumbers", in which our lady jae, the queen of metaphor, described in a particular scene that Draco:

> shoved his trousers down to reveal that he had an impressive cucumber, indeed.

...and so, I, owner of an innocent-mind, pictured his image quite literally and made a quick sketch of him, which turned out as:

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...Seriously, I'm sure that the members of weepingcockcomm will love this fic!!!8-D

Fanart: Investigating the Heir of...Oh, Whatever! (Draco, Goyle!Harry and Crabbe!Ron; R)

Artist: yumekutteikt
Title: Investigating the Heir of...Oh, Whatever!
Characters: Draco, Polyjuiced!Harry as Goyle, Polyjuiced!Ron as Crabbe
Media: SAI and Photoshop
A/N: Drawn for hump_day_smut's prompt "Polyjuice"
Summary: Harry found Goyle's brute strength quite convenient

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As a totally unrelated note, Sony Music Japan announced yesterday that they will start re-issuing the memorable rock CD albums from 1980s in limited paper-sleeve package, and the 1st release of early July includes those albums by Wham!, Dead Or Alive, Men At Work, and Survivor! Especially I'm so excited about the reissue of Survivor's "Vital Signs" album which I believe is one of the best rock album from 1980s!:-D Seemingly they will reissue all 7 albums of Survivor in 1970-80s(yay!) so maybe I'll try to get their other CDs as well. Aww, I really didn't buy CDs(other than tenimyu soundtrack ^^;) but I can't wait this time.:-)