May 20th, 2009

one such unacceptable hairstyle

Fanart: Draco and his overstressed hairline in HBP movie

Just swooned by watching "Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince" TV Spot #3!! I mean, I've watched bunches of the HBP trailers previously released, most of which had featured young Tom Riddle and so shown our Draco only for a fraction of seconds.  This time, Draco made a lot more of appearance(yay!!), assuring us that he is an official heroine important character of the film indeed!!:-D

Oh, but while I'm so excited about the upcoming film, I must confess that my first thought while watching this TV Spot#3 clip is-- "Oh, please don't put any unnecessary stress on his hairline!!"^^;

(Tom Felton as Draco; around 0.14 in the clip)

PS. I have re-sorted my 'artwork' tags today-- so now you can jump to "PG" or "r/nc-17"-rated pics without going through all those artworks, haha!:-D