May 25th, 2009


Sumo: Congrats, Harumafuji!!

The May tournament of oozumo(professional sumo) has concluded today, and what an ending that was...!

Initially I wasn't excited about this particular season, as my favorite, Asashoryu, had lost a bout at early stage(day03); and because of the seemingly-perfect shape of Hakuho who marked unscathed 15-0 victory at previous tournament, I was pretty sure that it would be another easy tournament victory for Hakuho.

It turned out to be a match-up of undefeated Hakuho and Harumafuji, followed by Asashoryu who was one-point behind. Then on day13, Hakuho beat Harumafuji at their direct match while Asashoryu won over Kotooshu with gigantic throw-- at that point, many of sumo fans(including me) had thought that it would eventually become another Hakuho-Asashoryu showdown at the day15(final) after all, and I was really hopeful for that.

Then on day14-- Kotooshu, who was thrown by Asashoryu on previous day, swept off Hakuho, stopping Hakuho's winning streak. And just when the fortune seemed to bless Asashoryu, Harumafuji knocked Asashoryu down hard minutes later!

At the end of day15(final day), Harumafuji edged over Kotooshu, and Hakuho beat Asashoryu who was apparently injured from yesterday's bout; at the playoff, Harumafuji made an excellent move over Hakuho and won, marking his tournament victory for the first time.

It's really hard to explain how historic this May tournament was-- but really, it made me sleepless because of excitement at day13 and despair at day14; it has been long since I experience this kind of emotional roller-coaster by watching sumo.

I will visit the venue next July tournament in Nagoya, and I'm soooo excited about it! (now come to think of it, one of my early entries here in LJ is about last year's Nagoya sumo tournament, and I was planning to make my journal more sumo-oriented back then, haha!:-D)