June 8th, 2009

Hiro Mizushima Manip2

Fanart: You Are My Sunshine(H/D; G)

Here's the recap of my art for the fabulous hd_smoochfest ...and somehow, I have more than one image to post here, haha! Let's say there are some extra "bonus tracks" this time! :-D

Title: You Are My Sunshine
Name: yumekutteikt
Prompt: #43 - Time-period/theme: hogwarts-era, AU; Object/word prompts: sir, mussed hair, towel, cold, scarf, tea, cakes, "I will always be by your side"; Action: Draco wrapping a scarf around Harry's neck. Draco smelled like citrus and warm sunshine; Preferences/Other notes: I was inspired by this actually. Preferably Draco as a butler but Harry will also be fine. Witty dialogue and smooth descriptions will be a plus.
Gift Art For: latteunicorns
Rating: G
Artist’s Notes: Hommage to Mei-chan no Shitsuji[Mei-chan's Butler](copyright to Riko Miyagi and Fuji TV Network); the rose texture is scanned from its official photobook.
Summary: "Harry, sir, you're a wizard and I'm your butler."-- On Harry's 11th birthday, a beautiful young man named Draco came for Harry and took him to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, where all students were accompanied with their own exclusive butlers. The only rule of this school is "no romance allowed between the master and his/her butler", which Harry initially thought wouldn't be any problem for him...

BTW, when submitting my art to the mod, I didn't know how much size for images was allowed, so I made the image a bit smaller than I initially planned, so the viewers don't have to scroll down to see the whole picture. Here, I post it in a bigger size, so you can see more detail.

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Now, here are the extras-- basically I prepared three images for this pic: the two standing close, close-up of their faces, and the rose texture. Those 3-segments were merged into one final picture, but here I retrieved the individual segment files, which are yet to go through softening-filters or other effects.

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Hiro Mizushima Manip

Fanart: "I Will Always Be By Your Side"(Draco, G) & Hogwarts, School of Magic and Butling(G)

Oh yes, there are still more extras of master-Harry-and-his-butler-Draco arc! *laughs*

As you might recall, I've been a big fan of "Mei-chan no Shitsuji" drama far before the smoochfest (see my entries here and here) and IMO, one of the fun-part of the drama is that those gorgeous butlers express their deep devotion for his lady straight into the camera, so that viewers can experience a virtual feeling of being their master!:-D

And so, if I do it here, it will be like this:

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The next one is that, I only drawn the image of Harry and Draco in initial stage of moving into the school, but I played the idea of master-and-butler-boarding school(which indeed is the most unique concept of the original drama) in Harry Potter world, and made a quick sketch as follows:

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That's all, folks! Hope you enjoyed!:-)