June 10th, 2009


Writer's Block: Talking Ducks

Happy birthday, Donald Duck! Which cartoon character do you think is the most disturbing?
Although I was just a small kid back then, Princess Aurora of "Starzinger"(a.k.a."Spaceketeers",  late 1970s anime) annoyed me a lot; I did watch the show but I used to skip the closing song which praised the princess endlessly-- oh hell, I still hate that song!
Hiro Mizushima Manip

My Drawble Meme Response, part2(G, PG)

Thank you again for those who responded my drawble meme post and sorry for keeping the remaining people waiting! Here is my drawbles to your outstanding prompts!:-) (My drawble part1 is HERE.)

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Now, the next two pairings are really rare from me! Since most of my friends here are H/D shippers I have to say-- brace yourself, hehe!:-)

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...well, I know those non-H/D pics turned out to be not so romantic, though I tried my best within my arsenal. It's just, this jealous, little creature kept wailing and kicking my legs!

Anyway, it was a fun experience, and hope you enjoyed those pics, too!:-)  In fact, I'm tempted to do more drawbles, but at this point I 'd better start planning for the upcoming fest arts-- and they come in numbers, awww.^^;