June 12th, 2009


My Art-Icon Table!

As I made some new icons from my recent arts, I updated my icon table to list all available icons created by me from my own artwork. I will add all future-updates to this table, so please check this entry once in a while if you're interested. :-)

Collapse )

Again, you're free to use these icons on your journal and no need to ask my permission as long as credited properly. You're also free to edit/modify/add your own text, as such. And if you have any request of making icons from my particular artwork, let me know!:-D

BTW I'm suck at technical stuff so I can't create animated ones or add extra textures/effects or such.^^; If you're tempted to do some icon-making by yourself from my artwork, you're more than welcomed!^^

Writer's Block: Raving about Rants

Perhaps no genre has benefited more from the Internet than the rant, and LiveJournal has seen some of the finest in its class. What is your favorite rant from the pages of LJ?
Haven't been long enough in LJ to see a real-overheated rant, but I kind of enjoyed to see a mound of lamenting comments on my_hiro comm when Hiro Mizushima unexpectedly announced his marriage this April.  Oh, you guys are so honest to yourself! *squishes them*