June 21st, 2009


Fic REC!!


The always-fabulous leo_draconisstarted her generous fic-project of "100 friends celebration", and her first fic was written for my prompt!!:-D

One Hundred Paper Cranes

It really is a beautiful story, and I've never imagined my prompt of "origami crane(bird)" is used in this touchingly!!(and in fact, [spoiler]making origami crane in numbers perfectly matches Japanese tradition, as making one-thousand origami cranes(usually by group of people, indeed^^;) is a classic way of making a wish.:-) [/spoiler]) It is a real gem to read and I adore it!!

Big thank-you to leo_draconis-san, and I'll look forward your upcoming nine stories!:-)<333

ETA:  Adding my quick sketch of the fic here: