June 28th, 2009

O RLY Hedwig

(Very)Late entry for JMDC(H/D; PG-13)

Title: (Untitled)
Artist: yumekutteikt
Challenge: enchanted_jae's monthly challenge for June 2009, "Did someone say 'party'?"
Media: SAI and Photoshop
A/N: Ugh, apparently my muse took an early summer vacation and left me, and thus I couldn't get any good inspiration other than this lame one...now a week past from the deadline and I'm going to draw it anyway. *headpalm*

It's going to be the first birthday of Draco since he and Harry came out as lovers.

Harry was mulling over some memorable present for Draco when Hermione suggested, "why don't you give a party for his birthday?"

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So, seemingly my muse isn't coming back soon-- awww, does anyone have a good idea for hd_pots_n_porn 's prompt?