July 7th, 2009

h/d mine

Sketch: Slytherin!Harry(Harry; G, AU)

I start sorting my art folder today so that I can make a recap for the first-half of 2009(as I've drawn in quantities so far this year><;), then found one which I didn't posted anywhere. The file date says it was drawn and saved on June 23, but umm, I've completely forgotten about this pic until today and I can't even recall why I didn't post this one.

Collapse )

Mmm, I didn't quite like the pic, maybe? But I'm posting it here anyway. Sorry, me@two weeks ago!!^o^

"Harry, I'm Worried..."(H/D; G)

"Since I sent my entry for HBP London premiere sweepstake, I prepared myself for the occasion-- bought new Armani suits, checked with my esthetician and hair-stylist, declined a dinner invitation from my parents...
Now, the premiere is tomorrow and I still haven't received my ticket. Surely the Muggle Royal Mail got some trouble?"

"Why don't you just give up?"

Oh BYW, I too entered the HBP Japan premiere(at Nagoya, July 8th) sweepstake and so I'm still waiting!!!^^;