July 11th, 2009


Fic REC!!

The awesome queen of the awesomeness, enchanted_jae wrote another awesome fic for the prompt by meeee!! Just go and read, and enjoy the hotness!!

A Man of His Word

...you know, I was fortunate enough to give several prompts for enchanted_jae so far, and every time she comes up with the finished fic, it always excel my expectations in fantastic way!:-D Such a brilliance, jae-san-- I so love you!!♥
(I'll bring up some more later, hopefully.:-))

Now, totally destroying the mood, but since I'm an honest person who can't lie to myself-- When Draco wondered "there should be shrines built to Potter's cock", I said to myself, "yes, there is, and I know where the shrine is." Here is the proof:
Tagata Shrine, Aichi(Japan)

Well. actually the sacred phallic symbol of Tagata Shrine is not specifically of Potter's, indeed.  But now, to my eyes, it appears to be anyone's but Potter's cock. Thank you very much!