July 22nd, 2009


Fanart: Azkatraz@Home Drawbles Wrap-up(mostly G)

While I'm still gnashing my teeth as I couldn't join Azkatraz(and H/D meetup, most of all!><) on last weekend, the virtual-con of azkatrazathome went just FABULOUS and I enjoyed it immensely!!:-D Since it run for only a short period they kept posting new topics fairly quickly, so I couldn't follow all the discussions but I made some drawbles for its "Crack and Cliché" challenges as much as I could catch up! And here are the result of my quick sketches:

Collapse )

Well, now that I'm not sure I picked up the right inspiration for each prompt^^; but anyway, making those quick drawing was pretty fun and I enjoyed a lot!:-) In fact, I enjoyed it too much two of my other arts are now overdue...(*cough couch*)

There are so many of drawbles, drabbles and fics by other fantastic authors/artists contributed to azkatrazathome, and I'll keep visiting the comm to catch up. Meanwhile, I hope those H/D friends who made it to Azkatraz can provide some report about the meet-up because I'm dying to know what it was like being there!!