July 26th, 2009


Back from Nagoya & Sumo Tournament Report

Now I'm back from Nagoya 2-day trip, to watch the day12-13 of July sumo tournament! And oh, it was such magical two-days for Asashoryu fan like me...!!

When I arrived at the venue on Thursday(day12), I was convinced that Asashoryu had withdrawn from the tournament by this morning because he was beaten by Kaio so miserably on the previous day. And while I wrote on my previous entry that I didn't want him to withdraw, I really, REALLY, didn't expected him to win over Kotomitsuki-- Kotomitsuki's smashing victory over grand champion Hakuho showed his perfect condition as well as fierce determination to win the tournament as being the home-grown favorite of Nagoya. So, just up to the moment before the Asashoryu-Kotomitsuki match, I was all pleading to sumo Gods: "oh, please don't beat Asa too hard, Koto-Micky!"
Then, just after a split-second, Asashoryu made a blitz-speed charge on Kotomitsuki and bumped him off the ring!! Oh my, Asashoryu was so fast and strong, just as in the days when he won the Nagoya tournament years ago...! Heck, I clapped and cheered so feverishly, my hands were still aching when I met my friends in central Nagoya afterward. *g*

On next day(day13)--I was feeling so much better, but still I thought that Harumafuji, the winner of the previous May tournament, would edge over Asashoryu on this day's bout. And what happened was-- this gigantic throw by Asashoryu!

Since I was watching it from far stand-seat, I couldn't recognize the technique, yaguranage, at that moment, though. And yes, I had really thought he'd better withdraw from the tournament just two days ago!

Anyway, It was such miraculous two days of Asashoryu's brilliance, concidering he lost on the remainder(day14 and the final day15), ending up the tournament with mediocre 10-5 score.
Asashoryu couldn't win the tournament yet again this time, but I must confess-- I eventually fell in love him, yet again! *^^* Oh, and congrats on the winner, Hakuho, and his 11th victory (which was marked few hours ago)!:-)

BTW, there was a little incident on the second day of sumo-watching-- in early afternoon, I left my heavy backpack on my seat and went off to the east window of the building to check the arrival of rikishi(athletes); then, when I came back to my seat, I found that my backpack was gone, as an old lady with near seat(H6-28) mistook my seat(H5-28) as hers and called on the staff to remove the unattended baggage. The backpack was secured safely by the staff, and it was rather exhilarating experience as I was allowed to enter the backstage "staff-only" section(and when I stepped in, Chiyonofuji was walking by just a feet away!)-- only except, I was asked about the contents of the baggage for confirmation before it was returned to me. As I wrote, my backpack was heavy because I did quite a lot of shopping of H/D yaoi doujinshi at used-doujinshi shops(because it was my second of this Nagoya trip!) and so I have to answer: "some snacks, parasol, and lots of thin-books."  Good thing the clark chose to return the baggage to me just when I mentioned 'black backpack.'  :-p