July 29th, 2009

O RLY Hedwig


Just secured my ticket for Aug.1 HBP movie night showing at Nagoya with special presentation by TOM FELTON!!^^v It took almost 20 minutes just to get connected to the online ticketing menu and so my seat won't be near the stage, but I'm very happy-- now, now, should I bring some gift for Mr.Felton, maybe? What I should choose for him?? *ponders*

Anyway, so I'm going to watch the HBP movie at Nagoya, which will be my third time of this film!^o^ In fact, I'm going to see it again tomorrow, but this time for Japanese-dubbed one. I mean, I do prefer watching movies in original language with Japanese caption, or have little trouble in case of English dialogue(though I'm far more used to US English), but sometimes, it's just that Japanese film agencies unleash their arsenal of talented voice actors/actresses for voice-over jobs in incredible way and I just can't miss. Okay, cutting the story short-- it's Jun Fukuyama who does the voice of 16-year-old Tom Riddle in HBP movie!!! Oh heck, how can I miss that!??

(for those who don't know how Jun Fukuyama's voice sounds like-- Here's his voicing for Lelouch of CODE GEASS anime. ALL HAIL RIDDLE!!:-D)

BTW I was about to write some lengthy review about HBP movie, but mmm, maybe next week!(although I've just done my "Boys of Summer" entry for hd_fanart , there are still several days left before the end of July and so I won't give up until I hit the deadlines!^^;)