August 5th, 2009

Pigeon Beam

Report: Tom Felton@Nagoya!!

Sorry for my delayed entry but now I'm back from my weekend trip to Nagoya!:-D

Gosh, when I arrived at Nagoya on Saturday morning, it was raining so heavy it made me concerned about possible disruption in Tom's transportation schedule. Fortunately the rain got lighter in the afternoon, so I could enjoy the shopping and chatting with my friends in central Nagoya without worrying for the night. Except, the morning show of the movie "SUMMER WARS", which we had originally planned to see and made 15-minutes walk to the theater under the heavy rain, was sold out when we got there an hour prior to the showing!X-( Aww, I wish they will expand its 'limited' release to more local theaters!(at this point, the nearest theater showing this film is the one in Hamakita, which took an hour from my hometown!)

...Okay, now let's get to my report of HBP Nagoya screening with Tom Felton!!

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The gate for the lucky 300 audience who had survived through the fierce online-ticketing battle was opened at 7:50pm; since it's the late showing and no minors were allowed, seemingly most of audience were in 20-30s, of ladies, indeed.

Before she introduced Tom, the representative hostess of this screening(a TV reporter from Nagoya-local station) expressly instructed us not to use camera/video/cellphone during his presentation and since I'm no Gryffindor to sneak out my camera in front of the stern-looking theater staff, I can only give those reports and humble sketches out of my memory:

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Anyway, Tom was really a charming, adorable young man, and at the same time, very witty, professional, respectable man with class.  I mean, I thought he'd stay in Nagoya at that night but it turned out that he moved to Osaka right after his presentation, visiting three cities in one day!(no wonder he slept in 15 hours on that night) In addition, I have to remind all of you that, the weather for the weekend was horrible with heavy rain, certainly making any trip less enjoyable.

Fans who followed Tom in transit between the cities had reported very concernedly that he certainly looked exhausted, but still he carried out his hectic schedule of film promotion perfectly without the slightest hint of distress of his first visit in a strange country during hot&humid season. I can't appreciate his painstaking effort more. 

I hope Tom will visit Japan again soon, hopefully in better season and with more lax schedule!
(and hopefully he could get his own high-tech bidet toilet soon-- though I must tell him that the one on his Twitter photo looks a bit old model, in fact.^^;)


ETA: Many thanks to and for citing this entry on their website! Awww, I'm sooooo flattered!!*^^*

And now, here's some extra-- another lovely moment in Tom's Q&A session which I forgot to mention in my above report was that, before proceeding to the final question, the reporter checked the clock and asked him if it's okay for one last question(presumably because the interview session had caught him much longer than that at Tokyo stage earlier).  And Tom's answer was...
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Now, on the other hand, I can't stop myself making a doodle about this matter as well:
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ETA2: Our Dearest Tom さんもご紹介ありがとうございます!すんごくうれしいです!や、まじで日本人のハリポタ仲間に飢えてるもので…^^ゞ

あと今回、同じようにトムさんの舞台挨拶に行かれて、こうした絵や写真を海外の読者に提供してもいいよーんという方がいらしたらぜひご一報ください!うちの小規模なブログですが紹介させていただきまする。m(_ _)m