August 10th, 2009

season's greetings

Of That Cool Ads of HBP Film

Good thing that HBP movie has been selling exceptionally well in Japan, and while I saw several 'generic' ads and posters in several occasion so far, now the film is getting into the fifth week and they seemingly launched more localized promotion in order to draw more audience.

The one which I thought especially cool was the latest ad posted at evening papers nationwide on August 7:

(courtesy of "Our Dearest Tom" website-- many thanks!!♥)

Collapse )
[caption: Who's 'the Mysterious(Half-Blood) Prince'? Those who knew it count 4 millions already!]

The coolest part? While the bottom caption says "Harry's Magic at Full Force", there's no Harry in it!! Good job, WB Japan!!^o^

Also according to "Our Dearest Tom" website, digital ads of HBP are currently displayed inside the Japan Railway Tokyo station (HERE is the linky). According to the description, all columns located in the main concourse of Tokyo Station are now covered with these digital screens on which the picture displayed changes every 5 seconds; on those cool exterior, the headline at the top proudly exclaims "Anywhere in Japan, it's Harry Potter!", "Anywhere on the globe, it's Harry Potter!" and "At any homecoming destination, It's Harry Potter!"(August is season of o-bon homecoming here in Japan) LOL!
I hope I can see it when I visit Tokyo later this week!