August 21st, 2009

draco malfoy

Fanart: HarnessBruised!Draco(Draco, PG-13)

I'm sure that many of my f-listers here have read Tom Felton's recent Twitter entries about his painstaking stunt work on filming the Room of Requirement scenes of Deathly Hallows movie. I can't tell definitively but I assume that he's been doing some wire stunts(flying or as such) and as far as I know those stunt harness is tight, constricting and painful for anyone because it has to be worn unnoticeably under the costume. Then, when wired, you must support your whole body weight by only a few points of the harness...

On his Twitter comment, Tom lamented as "bruising more and more in each take :(", "skins sore from the harness rubbing :(", and it broke my heart. I really wished I could use magic so I can remove the bruises from him and transfer it to his character Draco, so this fine young actor can do his work easier while we can appreciate Draco's abused body wholeheartedly. It's win-win, isn't it? Or, on this matter, I'd take anyone's bruise to torture Draco's body. *cough cough*

And so, here's something made out of my nasty thoughts into my first try of BDSM:

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Now, speaking of BDSM kink... maybe I shouldn't write this, but this really, really broke my heart-- maybe for the very first time in H/D fandom.

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