August 23rd, 2009


Fanart: Petit!Draco and Tulip(Draco, G)

The ironic thing is, when I'm depressed to the worst, the most effective vent I can resort to is drawing, after all!

Collapse )

Anyway, thank you for all those encouraging comments to my previous emo-whining entry. In fact, one of the mods had sent me a very thoughtful message and I feel so indebted.(seriously, if I were a mod, I'd just tell "bugger off, you paranoid!" to this clueless novice who haven't even signed up for the comm.) As I wrote previously, there are great writers and artists I adore participating in hd_holidays , and I'll definitely follow the comm, wishing the best for all participants, especially my f-listers who entered the lottery!:-)

Oh, and for those who concerned about my previous post, don't worry, I will continue making art!:-) However, I have reconsidered myself about making gift arts for last several days, and so I will try to ask prior permission before making gift arts from now on-- I mean, I really should be more considerate for the others' preference than just relying on my own discretion. I really have to learn a thing...

But anyway, I made the above art as a gift for you all, to show my appreciation! I apologize for bothering you by previous post, and I hope you enjoy this one!:-)